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iPad Pro or MacBook Pro best for Designers? Review!

I review the iPad Pro from a product designer’s perspective after three months! Was upgrading worth it? Would I recommend it?

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33 thoughts on “iPad Pro or MacBook Pro best for Designers? Review!

  1. your vids are really good and good reviews. I bought the iPad Pro 12.9 and totally happy with it. Thanks for your review that helped in my final decision…Great info.

  2. I'm in high school and I plan on going to design school next year to study Industrial Design. I'm a novice at sketching but I'm trying to improve everyday (your videos help a lot). Should I get a low end Wacom/Huion to start off or should I save up for the iPad Pro and get it when I can and till then just sketch on paper? Don't know if it matters here, but I am also an amateur photographer/filmmaker.

  3. Still finding your videos as the best source of iPad Pro thoughts. Having handled both, the 11' feels like a more portable size but I was concerned that the screen would feel cramped in Procreate and menu heavy apps. Do you find the 12.9 difficult to position and move around? I'm leaning towards it for the screen real estate with the only caveat being the awkwardness of removing the ipad from bags, moving it around tables etc.

  4. Hi Sam! I'm studying abroad in Australia and I have the oportunity of buying one iPad as their prices in my home country are 2-3x higher than the rest of the world.
    I've never had one and I really want to as I'm searching for a good sketching experience (being watching a lot of reviews and side by side comparisons with Wacom tablets too).
    I plan on this being my day to day device, serving as a sketch pad as well as a portable reference research tool for traditional drawing.

    Anyway, my question is regarding Storage. What is your Storage version? Do you use iCloud? What storage version would you recommend for someone not wanting to use iCloud?
    I ask that because I don't plan on paying monthly for that and I won't be buying the cellular version too. On top of that, internet connections are slow where I come from. If you could provide me some insights about file sizes for the sketches I will be forever grateful.

    Thank you for you work and videos, you are an inspiration to many! (Sorry for the long comment)

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