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iPad Pro Review in 2020 – I’m Done With My MacBook.

The iPad Pro pretty much made me hate using my MacBook Pro. This video is all about how the device still holds up in 2020 as my (mostly) daily computer device. Buy Paperlike here: Thanks to Paperlike for sponsoring this video!

The amazingly talented creators part of this video:
Ali Abdaal

Krystal Lora

Jon Rettinger


35 thoughts on “iPad Pro Review in 2020 – I’m Done With My MacBook.

  1. If the iPad had a full fledged file browser it would be awesome. Everyone is hating the Macbook is cause ublike other Laptops Macs have a really poor cost to benefit ratio and lack all legacy ports. If you need a good keyboard and GPU you need to spend upwards of $2100

  2. when he said “the things I did in my laptop” and mentioned “drawing, gaming” I clicked off the video… that makes no sense and if he was drawing and/or gaming on a macbook that’s just flat out weird (unless he used a pen and pad accessory… which he didn’t specify up until the point that I clicked off the video)

  3. I'd want one if they allowed sideloading apps (vanced, adguard, ect), had "internal" expandable storage and 5G networking that allows traditional calls on the tablet.

  4. I used the paper like for my iPad 10.2. It was an amazing experience. This was till I started reading daily on my iPad, the clarity decreased with time. Maybe I started noticing it later. Drawing was amazing, however the reading experience worsened. I had read a similar review of a customer who said she had to return the paper like. But Paperlike said they had improved their technology and I was interested in giving it a shot. So I bought it and it turned out to be the same experience the female had. She couldn’t read on her iPad as crisp as she could before installing the paperlike. I request paperlike to improve their product for users like us, the product is super good but only for designers. For people who like reading it is a headache.

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