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iPad Pro VS A Laptop

Can you replace your laptop with just an iPad Pro? Jon enlists the help of three creative types to put it to the test…


This clip was taken from Series 29, Episode 5 of The Gadget Show, first broadcast 26th April 2019. To watch the full show click here –

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6 thoughts on “iPad Pro VS A Laptop

  1. Was this published just moments surrounding the new iOS 13 and iPadOS announcements??? Very well done production and editing, but seemed a quick snapshot lacking any details. A great video by Jonathan Morrison shows off Henny “Tha Bizness” doing live music studio production with Ken Lewis. Other folks show fantastic work with Affinity and with LumaFusion (also just received a massive update within the last couple of days). I do hope you do a second video and really show more of this hardware and software, plus what other folks can do with it. It’s quite extraordinary.

  2. First of all, I expected stupidity, but the John and The Gadget Show did a good job of finding apps for the creatives and setting up workflows. From my perspective, clearly the iPad accomplished the tasks it was given with flying colors, and the people rejecting it were fuzzy about the reasons.

    It chewed up the images and cranked out a 4K stop motion movie for the first guy quite easily with him commenting on his surprise at the speed, but he said it couldn’t work the way they work or something. The music composer needs to dig deeper into Beats 3. His presumption about not being able to handle 24 tracks is not corroborated by their documentation which says there is no fixed limit. He might need to try it out on the most powerful iPad.

    See this guy: https://youtu.be/GTDXWvYI1ZI

    The iPad can handle 99% of what 99% of computer users need to do. It is not yet capable of replacing pro level laptops for pro creatives. It can replace laptops for, business people, administrative, clerical, researchers, knowledge workers of all sorts, lawyers, artists, doctors, public relations people, politicians, reporters, pilots, producers, directors, production assistants, artists, creative directors, law enforcement types, librarians, students, professors, shop owners, teacher, principals, storyboard artists, archeologists, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, IOS, engineers, hotel mangers, social media workers, database designers, retirees, oceanographers, photographers, astronomers, and on and on. Anyone who says it can’t, simply doesn’t know how to use it.

    I think the first two people answered the question “would you” as opposed to the question “could you.”

    The iPad is the future of computing for most people. When you look at in relation to its new OS, iPad OS, and the coming 5G world, combined with the cloud services replacing the conventional IT infrastructure, it’s pretty obvious.

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