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iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 6: STOP the Apple-to-oranges comparisons

Everyone wants to compare Surface Pro 6 to iPad Pro, but does it really make sense? While there are similarities these are still two very different devices. Apple could do a lot more to make the iPad Pro a true laptop competitor. See at Microsoft:

Surface Pro 6 review:

iPad Pro Review:

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44 thoughts on “iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 6: STOP the Apple-to-oranges comparisons

  1. The chart compare ipad with all laptop is so misleading. They should stack all laptop brands if they want to compare ipad and laptop. That would make ipad sale around 1/5th of laptop sales. For me to pick ipad and surface, more consuming contents -> ipad. More creating contents -> surface. In the middle, whatever cheaper.

  2. hello Danielle first of all thank you for your video it was very well made and I have a question to you I hope your answer will help me to make a decision what to choose what to buy. From one side i am considering to buy iPad Pro 2018 11 inch but the same time I realize that there are a lot of limitations about system about software yes of course 1 months ago or two months ago they introduced iPad OS specifically for iPads when they finally allowe to connect external hard drive but in general it still very limited product yes of course the screen is very beautiful colors, very optimized apps but as a professional photographer like me can't use these machines potential on hundred percent, at the same time we have a Surface Pro Line option and I am glad that I am able to connect my camera tethered to the surface and use this machine as a laptop to watch my pictures and show pictures to my clients it is all great but the confusion comes when you know that a lot of professionals a lot of experts says that when you want to Lightroom work smoothly you need at least 16 gigabytes of RAM. so my question is is Microsoft Surface Pro 4 5 6 and 7 powerful enough to almost allow you to replace your laptop to use it as a working machine in your professional work to edit your photos in a Adobe lightroom or in the Capture One or honestly is it not powerful enough so you have to buy really powerful laptop to use it

  3. Great to see Apple have upped their game and rendered the information in this video obsolete.
    iPad OS has made using the iPad Pro an incredibly powerful alternative to a laptop., MacBook.

  4. Apple really shouldn't compare the iPad to PCs until they pretty much make one that runs MacOS. If they compare it to laptops, people will hold it to those standards, and complain when the iPad doesn't meet them. People use PCs instead of tablets for a reason, and the iPad's mobile OS probably won't cut it for a lot of laptop users.
    That said, it does seem like it would be good for what I personally want (drawing and a bit of media consumption), especially with the upcoming iPadOS. It may even end up mostly replacing my PC if I get one since I don't use my PC for much else except a bit of gaming.

  5. I want to see another video comparing these two devices again when iPadOS is released to the public. I honestly think Apple has finally made a tablet and an OS that can rival PCs in its price range.

  6. IPadOS is a desktop operating system, not a mobile one. I think you should make a new video comparing the iPad Pro to the Surface Pro when iPadOS comes out in September.

  7. Every one of the limitations talked about in this video on the iPad Pro have now been addressed in the newly announced iPad OS. This is going to be a game changer.

  8. im not gonna say which is best because i am sill unsure but can this guy please talk about about the surface pro without shitting on the iPad constantly, yeah its not perfect but jeez man

  9. As usual, it depends.
    From an 'artist' point of view, it isn't apples and oranges at all.
    It's about which device is better for sketching, drawing and digitally illustrate.
    Surface Pro offers Photoshop and all the art software that runs on PC, but is its hardware good enough to handle, is the price for the Adobe software worth this investment? The monthly fee is anything but cheap.
    The iPad Pro has an amazing software called Procreate, that costs very little and performs incredibly well.
    So, is the Surface Pro good enough to justify being bought as a drawing tablet?

  10. I was almost convinced to get a surface pro until I went to their Facebook page and read reviews about the battery issues….swelling caused from battery, battery dying after warranty expired, people who own one complaining about the product left and right.
    that doesn’t seem reliable or worth investing in. Back to the drawing board in trying to find a device that fits my needs.

  11. I really do love iPad's screen aspect ratio and continue to feel that 4:3 works better on smaller tablet and laptops when they are never wide enough to run 2 windows side by side.

  12. I literally just use iPad pro with magic keyboard for school and it easily just replaces my laptop. Google suite does everything you need for school. And take notes with the apple pencil. I really don't understand I can video edit. Make music, photo edit. File transfer with a work around with changing the file name in root access. Mouse support is just a preference. I have full laptop that I rarely use that I upgraded the SSD and memory but it's to heavy and big and bad battery life. Bought an Asus c302 but Android and Chrome together is laggy . I have iMac computer also that barely use only really if I'm just charging my iPad lol.

  13. I've owned a couple ipads and a couple Surfaces. The problem with the Surface is it's barely a tablet. The tablet experience just isn't good because of lack of touch optimization. Even a 100 dollar Android tablet is a better experience. So you end up keeping your keyboard folio attached all the time so you can use it as a laptop. But if that's the case, why not just buy an actual laptop??

    All Microsoft has to do is get the touch experience at least as good as on an Android tablet, and I will agree with all the people saying Surface is better.

  14. The surface pro 6 is a laptop ..and you have to buy the keyboard separately by the way …so you compare it to other laptop in the market and let’s see how is it doing .. the iPad is another product …

  15. If all apple claim about the iPad pro 2018 are right…. They should release a version that run full MacOS…..then I will know they are ready for business

  16. I really like Dan and what he does on Windows Central, but I'm confused about why he's inferring that the Surface isn't a beautiful device. 4:27 Personally, I love the way it looks!

  17. At this point, the only reason to pick up the iPad Pro is if you're a digital artist. It's a glorified sketchpad, but the pencil experience is like none other.

  18. Yay! Thanks. I'm an Apple user who's about to jump the overprice ship. Genuinely tried to make Apple work for my Civil Engineering practice and it simply won't. The iPad Pro with AutoCAD Mobile give marginal functionality, while a Surface Pro will run full AutoCAD and the rest of my vertical market software in a similar format. Voila'!

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