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iPad vs Macbook for Students (2019) – Can an iPad replace your Laptop?

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In this video, we discuss whether an iPad can replace your laptop. We analyse this age-old question from the perspective of (1) Efficiency, (2) Complexity, and (3) Delight. Enjoy xx

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34 thoughts on “iPad vs Macbook for Students (2019) – Can an iPad replace your Laptop?

  1. Thanks so much for this. I'v been wondering this for a while and my old MacBook is slowly dying. I've been arguing back and forth with myself for ages as to whether or not I should trade in my MacBook for an iPad. I know now that I definitely can, mainly because of your roommate. While I do a lot of typing on my computer (writing mainly) I don't do much else and I'm really sick of carrying around my computer everywhere.

  2. ive been using my macbook more and more because I realise its just so much easier to do stuff on compared to my ipad pro. i think I will switch to a 2in1 like the dell xps 7390 bc I like the writing with a pen aspect but want the full functionailty of a laptop, without having to carry on 2 heavy devices! Plus my ipad keyboard randomly stopped working apparently they do that after a few years of use.

  3. I have replaced my MacBook with the iPad Pro. I have a 2010 iMac that I use for big essays or more complex tasks. The bigger screen, keyboard, mouse and the software make the heavy lifting tasks that you mentioned a lot easier for me. I also use the pencil for note taking and drawing diagrams, etc. which no Mac can do.

  4. as a student I can definitely say having an iPad would be far better than having a MacBook. I currently have a MacBook Air 2018 which I'm thinking about selling because you can take written notes on an iPad as well

  5. I do remote coding on my laptop, but I do not need to run those codes on my laptop. If the iPad supports the popular remote coding tools, like visual studio code, I probably can replace my laptop with the iPad.

  6. him: how complex are your uses of your laptop
    me: oh yeah pretty complex sometimes i need 2 word documents open at a time
    him: yh for example i run business and code and make music and have a podcast and run my youtube channel
    me: nm

  7. The issue I have with pretty much every 'iPad vs Laptop for Students' video is that they all seem to assume that the only academic work students will be doing on these devices is writing essays. I think these days all students will, at some point in their studies, be required to use some specialist application – SPSS, Photoshop, GIS software, generally none of which are available on an iPad or if there is a version, it's not 'feature compatible' with the PC version.

  8. I am a high school student and my iPad completely replaced my laptop, but I have an iMac for work at home. The only downside is that I need dongles (which don’t have) to connect USBs, etc. But it can usually wait until I get home to my computer.

  9. Hi Ali, is there a way to get around using MS-office effectively and efficiently on an iPad? My needs are smilar to Molley in the sense I use Excel often and I tend to reach out to my Windows PC. I only use iPad for youtube and reading news and few apps that I need. It would be great if I can get Microsoft office going and avoid reaching out to my laptop. More importantly, I loose my train of thoughts by the time I open my PC and get to do thing that I'd brain wave about. any suggestions? thanks in advance.

  10. i have a mac, so i can do the more complex things, but itd have to be at home. I think for school I want an ipad for the notes feature. Writing notes with the apple stylus using good notes seems like such a game changer from the videos ive watched. And it's light , very easy to bring to class. You can get a keyboard attachment too so you can type up a paper easily. Me being me though, i want both a laptop and ipad lol. But i think ill just get an ipad and stylus

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