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iPhone 12, Apple Watch Series 6, watchOS 7, iPhone 9 and more

iPhone 12, a New Apple Watch, watchOS 7, iOS 13.4.1 and much more may be coming later this year. In this video I talk about the latest information leaks about the next Apple Watch, iPhone 12 Pro, Apple watch Series 6, AirPower, iOS 14, a new iOS 13.4.1 or iOS 13.5 Update, Logic Pro X, ProRes Raw and more #ios13 #ios14 #apple

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29 thoughts on “iPhone 12, Apple Watch Series 6, watchOS 7, iPhone 9 and more

  1. I have a doubt to see what you think …. why everyone talks about the next iPhone 12 and not the iPhone 11s, which would be the one that follows according to the latest ones, after the iPhone X the Xs followed, now the 11 and then the 11s??

  2. Locks up especially on Google. It’s like everybody’s website is not rendering fast enough. I select open up in Safari and it doesn’t do that only on the Google oh yeah and the YouTube app!

  3. I still have problems on my iPad Pro 2nd gen. A lot of times it’s rotation. It won’t change unless you do it yourself by physically turning the iPad! What a joke. That’s just one issue!

  4. There’s no need to add a fingerprint sensor to watch. I hope O2 sensing comes to Series 5 Watch. Why do we need AR when they can’t get the Mail app and iCloud mail and service straightened out? If the go all wireless, they’d better give me a FREE dongle for my CarPlay. Remember the days of 1 iPhone model? Why do we need so many?

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