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iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus & Apple Watch: Everything We Know!

iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus & Apple Watch: Everything We Know!

Apple’s iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6+, Apple Watch and iOS 8 Full Release (GM and Golden Master) will see the light of day on 9/9. It’s going to be a crazy launch but the most prominent are the iPhone 6 and iWatch. Here’s what we know!

iPhone 6 & iWatch Playlist:

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28 thoughts on “iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus & Apple Watch: Everything We Know!

  1. Apple is copying android because the galaxy phones are doing better than apple. Im going to list some reasons to get a galaxy phone and not a apple can apple have drama shots or 14 mega pillixes camera NO is apple ten times more expensive than galaxy HELL YES is galaxy phone a good price HELL YEA. Is apple a big copy cat YES. When I looked up the 5s it was 1250 freaking dollars who would pay that much for a freaking phone. APPLE IS JUST A HUGE SCAM DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! GET A GALAXY PHONE.

  2. Why do Android users get so butt hurt? Is it because Android can't kill Apple with the 1000 phones they bring out, but Apple can kill Android with only 2 phones? Get over yourselfs.

  3. I don't think that the IPhone 6 is a very good product because of the consistent lagging and the fact that it is really hard to open the menu thing on the bottom of the screen. I don't know, maybe that's just my opinion. 

  4. I was first in line at my local best buy and i will be getting it on release date which is on sep 19 2014 I will be getting the iPhone 6 64gb white/gold one and my carrier is at&t I am about to be showing off but i warn them people try taking my iPhone 6 am going to put a hollow bullet in your head

  5. People don't understand that apple perfect their devises and software. Its why apple product do not have to update as much. I've had an androids for at lease 2 years and it wasn't that bad, but personally iPhone is faster and better over all. Also to back up what I said in the first line is that apple computer last twice as long than any other computer on the market. average life span for a HP, Dell,and etc. My friend as a 5 year old macbook and it still as fast as my macbook air. 

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