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iPhone 8 in 2020 – worth buying?

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The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were overshadowed by the iPhone X at launched but have proven to be fast, reliable phones over the last 2 years and are still great options in 2020. But should you buy one?
2020 iPhone Buying Guide –

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27 thoughts on “iPhone 8 in 2020 – worth buying?

  1. I dont think that iphone 8 is worth buying in 2020 as iphone se2 or iphone 9 is going to launch … It will look exactly like iphone 8 with a better camera , chipset and everything. And it will be 400 dollor so … I will suggest dont buy iphone 8

  2. Still apple 11 is too expensive in india ??. I don't know why apple can't be comparative in exponential growth of cheenis tech. In india people use to get OLED full screen supper spec phone at 200+ US Dollers so why to think about old looking iPhone ..

  3. It’s a great phone, I have it…. but…. no one should buy it!!!!! Specially when iPhone 9 is coming that be much more better and cheaper !!!!!! Only stupid idiot would buy iPhone 8 today …..(advice: never buy 1 year old iPhones, unless it’s free)

  4. I haven’t heard you mentioned if there is an earphone jack for those, like me, that don’t want to use earbuds – so… do I need earbuds to listen to any audio on the iPhone 8 (and +)?

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