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LG G8 ThinQ VS Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus-The Ultimate Video Comparison

LG G8 ThinQ VS Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus-The Ultimate Video Comparison

In this video I wanted to put the LG G8 against the Galaxy S10 Plus in video battle. What phone do you think did a better job let me know in the comments.

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37 thoughts on “LG G8 ThinQ VS Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus-The Ultimate Video Comparison

  1. if they were not side by side . i would not be able to tell the difference .. the samsung is slightly sharper but not by much .but thats coming from an old man that had to pay 15 bucks to wait an hour for 24 photos so its a toss up for any camera phone .. maybe compare a v30 to one of these . then we may see more of a difference? g8 selfie seems foggy as hell …is that the beauty feature enabled ,

  2. A little more stable on the S10 plus when shooting video, but just buy a couple hairs.
    front facing camera on the S10 plus looks a little more natural to me you look a little more pale with the LG G8 but still great video quality. ?✌️

  3. Thank I noticed in LG G8 videos when it comes to the audio quality it's a little bit robotic/tingy.
    The audio recording has that in the background, if you listen really close you can hear it.
    at first I thought it was my own smartphone speakers that were making the sound but I started using my other smartphones when watching these videos and listening to the audio quality from the LG G8 and you can hear it and all the videos I get it's ever so slight but it's there.
    The S10 plus doesn't sound like that both have great video quality as far as the visuals.
    Thanks my friend for this review ✌️

  4. The S10+ gets it. The audio and video stabilization smashed the G8. The colors are subjective; either is fine with me. Both have great detail. That telephoto lens on the S10+ is a plus. Just like anything you don't know you'll need it until you use it.

  5. Good job. I'm interested in both of these phones. Not much of a video guy. I thought the audio sounded better on the G8. Daytime video looked better on S10+ viewing on my iMac. Then I switch to my Samsung phone and the G8 looked better in the daytime video. It looked like to me the S10 + was trying to hard, too much contrast. Some people may like that. Night time video G8 exposure was way off with the light posts. I think I look a bit more careful exposure would help. G8 continues to impress.

  6. The G8 film in a more cool tone than the S10 Plus which leans more of a warmer tone, the reds and orange seems more prominent in the S10 Plus. Matter of what you like. Great video.

  7. Standard lens- both are pretty much same
    Wide angle – samsung is way too much saturated the blue sky looks artificial. Love the wide angle on g8.
    Front camera – better on the Samsung
    Mic- not even close g8 all the way.
    And i like this kind of video more keep doing them this way.

  8. In other words you can't go wrong with either phone… Unlike the other you tubers. Thanks for posting and making an effort to really test out the phone that the fake you tubers are trashing.

  9. I have the LG G8 and you definately had the color settings off.
    you had it looking like it was in black and white compared to the Samsung
    Side by side only works if they are on the SAME EXACT settings

  10. Just got my LG g8, I haven't set it up yet but according to this video it's a pick em for me as far as video, the mic's sound better on the G8 IMO. I'm just glad the cameras are this great on the G8. Thank for the footage ✌?

  11. The colors look more muted on the LG G8. Which one do you think had the more natural color. I think the LG G8 was a little more natural color wise.

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