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MacBook Pro 16" vs iPad Pro | Choosing the RIGHT Pro!

You guys requested this one 😀 In this video I compare the brand new MacBook Pro 16 inch to the community beloved iPad Pro 2018 (11″). I compare every all the important aspects between these two devices likes design and form factor/size/weight/portability, display quality, battery life/test, camera quality and most importantly performance in everyday tasks, video editing and gaming. By the end of this video hopefully you know which pro is right for you!

32 thoughts on “MacBook Pro 16" vs iPad Pro | Choosing the RIGHT Pro!

  1. Hey great video but I just wanted to add that you forgot to mention that the iPad pro is also available with LTE connectivity so you are always connected which is a big convenience when away from your home or work WiFi. With it's more efficient processor, better screen, the ability to write on the screen, portability and new mouse support, including the ability to connect it to an external monitor, for most projects I think the iPad pro is future of computing and it's the tip of the iceberg as it's only getting better. Again great video, thank you!?

  2. If you have the money, why not both? If you don’t have a desktop, MacBook Pro can be used as your everyday computer, where as the iPad Pro can be used for little things that you don’t need the laptop for.

  3. Thank you for this video! If you were going to own an iPad Pro and a 16" MBP which screen size would you go with on the iPad Pro assuming occasional sidecar use remotely? Thank you!

  4. If one get get a hold of a school or work computer, go for the iPad Pro. iPad Pro does not use flash for watching spectrum tv. But on a Mac spectrum tv must be used with flash. Not cool for 2020. Flash needs to die already.

  5. I tested out the new Mac Book Pro 16” keyboard recently, and it is noticeably quieter than my 2019 Mac Book Pro 15”, which I got only a few months back. I will not be upgrading soon.

  6. Should I buy the current 2018 Ipad pro or wait until apple launches the 2020 version? Also will the wait be worthy enough of the upgrade? And When is the new version expected to launch?

  7. love my ipad pro 10.5" … but … sometimes i need programmes it just doesnt have yet or the alternative way of doing something is longer and more tedious … i am now eyeing up the surface pro 7 as it seems a great mix of tablet and pc in one package and is cheaper than the 2019 macbook pro 13 and macbook pro 16 😉

  8. Thanks for your video, you did a great job.
    I have the iPad Pro 11” and a 2017 15” MacBook Pro. While I really enjoy my iPad I find myself using my MacBook for any real work. As you mentioned regarding Photoshop for the iPad not being the full version, all of the other apps on the iPad are dumbed down as well … Pages, Word, Excel, Numbers, email etc are all lesser versions of the Mac OS/Windows versions. To decided between the two you really have to look at your use case to make the right decision. For me, I use both. I love my MacBook for typing school papers, serious web browsing and booting into Windows to play games. I love my iPad to take notes, quick portable browsing and email, and watching videos.

    If I could only have one I would choose the MacBook Pro. It runs the full apps and computer capabilities along with being able to run Windows. In fact I bought my wife a MacBook Air to run Windows because it’s an awesome computer, small, light, reliable and looks cool. She has a 10.5” iPad Pro and almost never uses it.

    That’s us though, everyone’s situation is different.

  9. I recently just ordered the new Macbook Pro 16 with 16 GB RAM. Was that the right choice or should I order it with 32 GB RAM ? I want to use it at least 5 years without lagging and slowing down. I'm a student and do normal tasks like web browsing, doing research, reading scientific papers (pdf documents), typing and writing (Microsoft Word) and watching netflix. Can you give me your honest opinion on that ?

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