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MI BAND 4 VS. SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT (Honest Comparison and Testing Side by Side)

The Mi Band 4 and the Galaxy Fit are two of the latest fitness tracker smart watches on the market. Both were released in mid-2019 and both have amazing features for their prices.
The Galaxy fit is $99 if you buy it here:

And the Mi Band 4 is just $40 (!!!!) if you buy it here:

So which one is better? Below are some added review notes to summarize the main feature differences for you. If you would like to learn more about either of these…

48 thoughts on “MI BAND 4 VS. SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT (Honest Comparison and Testing Side by Side)

  1. I have both Huawei honor band 5 and 3 pro. Fine for swimming. But during running my long sleve will manipulate the watch to stop the session and start a new. Horrible design during winter times.

  2. I bought a galaxy fit and the band was too small for my wrist. I could get the pin in the very last hole but it was so darn tight it was uncomfortable. I could not find a band on amazon that advertised being larger.

    I just ordered the mi fit 4. I am hoping the band is larger.

  3. I have the galaxy s10e phone, that's the only reason why I'm conflicted between the two. Had it been that I had any other android phone, I would've gone for the mi band hands down 😛

  4. Anybody with a smartphone doesn't need this just download free apps which do this same exact thing!!!! For example Samsung has the Samsung Health app for FREE!

  5. Great videos. Hi Mike, hope you could make the same video of the comparison between Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs Huawei Watch GT 2. I will waiting your videos. Thank you.

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