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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 vs. 2018 iPad Pro Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares the 2018 Apple iPad Pro 3rd Gen and the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. These are similarly priced and sized tablets that want to be your portable computer, entertainment device and note-taking and art best buddy. For both the iOS tablet and the Windows 10 Surface Pro, the keyboard and pen are sold separately. And yes, Lisa talks about which tablet is better for art too!
Watch our Microsoft Surface Pro 6 review here:
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38 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro 6 vs. 2018 iPad Pro Comparison Smackdown

  1. Hi, I am planning to buy a used tablet / convertible for PDF editing and writing (Pen). My budget is around 350€ max used. Are there any used tablets you could recommend? I have found Samsung S3 Tabs for around 200€ used, a Lenovo S1 Tablet for about 170€ used, a Huawei Media Pad M5 for around 150€. I already use a Wacom Intuos graphic tablet with Pen (if that is of any use). Thanks in advance.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful review. As an artist looking to replace her laptop and tiny ASUS Note 8 tablet, after watching numerous reviews, I'll still go with the Surface Pro 5 or 6.

    I often use Clip Paint Studio EX and unfortunately, it's a monthly subscription on the iPad. Also, need to be able to manage files and connect my external SSD which is not optimal on an iPaf. 🙁 (I had a Macbook Pro 13" in the past for a few years for graphic design and it was slow, heavy and some of my files where hidden because I was on MacOS… -_-;;)

  3. For the casual the iPad pro is an expensive option though, the iPad offers a lot for the more casual user but the price is very high for a computer that most are probably only really gonna surf the web with.

  4. Have the ipad pro and after about a year I wish I had gone with the surface instead, Affinity photo and designer are great apps, however they're not illustrator and photoshop. As I am using and learning those along with indesign, after effects etc. it doesn't make sense to learn different apps on the ipad that are not industry standard, I think it's time to swap it for a surface.

  5. Built windows desktops for years. Definitely iPad Pro. Hands down, no question needed.
    There is absolutely zero reason why you would prefer Surface Pro 6 at this point besides price. An ultrabook processor does not replace your laptop. I had those processor before. There is zero longevity in them. After few years, they become slow and unusable. There is no reason anyone should run desktop software in a tablet.

    iPad 2nd generation still function today. Even though it is not as fast as current generation, it is still faster than all of the ultrabook laptop I had in the past.

  6. Not a big fan of Windows 10 but I'll take a full OS over iOS. Bought a Surface Pro 6. UPDATE: iPadOS is out so I bought an iPadPro—I LIKE it!! I’ll use the Surface Pro 6 as a “Desktop” & my iPadPro for the road. Best of both worlds 😉

  7. Bam! The iOS 13 enters n surface pro left the chat. And nothing beats Apple Pencil. I also do programming and do it in as in cloud computing. And for video editing there is LumaFusion. And don’t forget the surface pro is not that good for video editing in 4K, I mean the base model. The only pro over iPad is its keyboard. I used a Bluetooth keyboard for iPad, so no problem for me. And 11inch iPad is perfect for portability. U can hold it in one hand and watch video for long time. But surface pro is big and heavy for one handed used. And When full photoshop comes in iPad, ipad will held unbeatable .

  8. Actually, if you do have a windows 10 machine running 24/7, like I do, the iPad can be useful. Installing Microsoft RDP Client and connecting to windows 10 enables surface pro touch features (scrolling with finger, larger menus when tap+hold on screen but ordinary when using keyboard cover or external mouse, etc). The iPad becomes a surface pro, if you made the mistake of buying an iPad instead of the surface pro 😉

  9. I found the iPad Pro 11” to be a perfect fit. I went from a 1tb MacBook Pro to a 512gb iPad Pro. And after using it for a bit I am getting the feeling I should have gotten the 256gb iPad Pro

  10. The Surface Pro 6 absolutely will play games like Diablo III on more than decent graphics settings, I play D3 on my Pro 6 nearly every day.

    The idea that a game is not playable if it won't run at max gfx settings plus is just silly.

  11. Any chance you can do a quick revision of this comparison now that the ipad os is out … I think the ipad might have an upper hand here but i'd really like to know it from someone who has used it…

  12. In my opinion,the iPad pro is just another tablet, but "a high end tablet". I mean, a Toyota would do, I don't need a Mercedes.

    The surface pro gets around lots of stuffs very decently. Also very versatile if you want to play the long term game. The surface pro is therefore the winner, unless you have very specific needs

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