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Microsoft Surface Pro X vs Apple iPad Pro

Here is our comparison between the Microsoft Surface Pro X vs Apple 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

More info on the Microsoft Surface Pro X:

More info on the Apple 12.9 inch iPad Pro:

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29 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro X vs Apple iPad Pro

  1. I have an ipad pro 11, just for taking pictures of my projects. But i need more high performance tablet that capable to run a software like Revit, Blender, Archicad, Maya and C4D. Im gonna get Surface Pro.

  2. mate, are you fucking stupid? the difference in sharpness and definition is much better on the surface X in the very pictures you posted and yet you claim the opposite, stop your silly reviews and go get laid.

  3. If the tab s6 was LTE and 12.9 I would get it hands down. I’d pay $1500 for it. But the tab s6 is too small and that’s why I got the iPad Pro as well. My phone is 7.2 inches so don’t need a small medium tablet. No phone beats the Mate 20x imo, I’m hoping the note 11 has bigger battery and 7.2 inch screen.

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