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MOTO 360 vs FOSSIL GEN 5 vs SKAGEN FALSTER 3 [Best Wear OS Watches]

Three of the newest and most popular Wear OS watches compared head to head. Which is the best for you? The Fossil Gen 5 line is an extremely popular watch that drastically improves the Wear OS watch concept with added smart battery controls! The Skagen Falster 3 is very similar to the Gen 5 in many aspects because they are both made by the same parent company. There are subtle differences though, and I explain the differences between the Gen 5 and the Falster 3 in this video. The Moto…

31 thoughts on “MOTO 360 vs FOSSIL GEN 5 vs SKAGEN FALSTER 3 [Best Wear OS Watches]

  1. Hey everyone, thanks for watching! If you saw the first 45 seconds of this video a few days ago, I am really sorry about the audio issues! I normally watch the video before I export, after I export, and after I upload to make sure there are no issues, but I was on my way to Puerto Rico for a short vacation and I forgot to review it after exporting. I will make sure it does not happen in the future! 🙂

  2. Hey when a receive more that one message in WhatsApp from the same contact on my Michael Kors smart watch it just alert one time when the first massage was delivered.
    Does this happen to any one in other watch ?
    Plis help

  3. Hands down, Fossil Gen 5 is the best from the 3. I’ve had mine for 4 months now and it’s a big improvement from the Fossil Gen 4 and 3. Fossil not only makes Skagen’s smartwatches, they also manufacture Diesel’s, Montblanc’s, Emperio Armani’s, Movado’s and many others.

  4. SKAGEN FALSTER 3 or MOBVOI TICWATCH 4G/LTE? For same prace I chosen MOBVOI TICWATCH 4G/LTE because it has secont transparent LCD super battery efficient screen so battery can last longer and it has 4G/LTE networks. Although it has older procesor it works great because of 1 GB of ram. This smartwatch has something special and that is second screen. For price MOBVOI TICWATCH 4G/LTE is better.
    Now when SKAGEN FALSTER 3 is 50% off it is better choice. $245 in US. Very good price.

  5. The reason for not having a speaker is probably because some users prefer not use the watch as a phone. Like a cross between a smart watch and fitness tracker. Its that very small gap in the market they are trying to fill I think.

  6. I was looking into a fossil gen 5 to replace my 360 gen 1. It seems I can never find something that can surpass it in all areas. I thought this video was a comparison with the original 360, now I have 2 contenders for a replacement thanks 🙂 Also you do the best reviews on smart watches. Edit: Ok 360 is out, they really have been going backwards since they left Google while other watchmakers have surpassed them. Gen 5 it is thanks. Also what happened to that Google watch….

  7. I'm just glad that Wear OS watches are installed with 1GB of RAM. Until this generation, Wear OS watches only had 512MB of RAM and it was a very slow and laggy experience. I primarily listen to podcasts on my Wear OS watch and it's nice to have a fast and fluid experience.

  8. Could you comment on the glass quality of the display of the Skagen / Fossil watches? Have not seen it mentioned on their official website … I have been burned by Withings decision not to use sapphire glas, and resorting on a really scratch-sensitive glass instead. Thank you! 🙂

  9. nice summary. Im still on a gen4 explorist. Really like it. Might get a garrett model some time. I wish they made larger case sizes though 48-51mm.

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