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My First Semester with the iPad Pro 11 inch: Student's Review

I just finished my first semester of college and used the new iPad Pro as my primary device. Here’s how I used it to take notes and study for my classes.

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People ask me all the time what camera gear and equipment I use to make my videos. Here’s the rundown:

Sony a6500 –
Sigma MC-11 Adapter -…

37 thoughts on “My First Semester with the iPad Pro 11 inch: Student's Review

  1. How do you study the notes? Do you just read it directly from the iPad? Or, do you print it out, so that you have a physical paper to study off of.

  2. bro..then i'm a medical student…for note taking and online study,for what i should go- ipad air/ipad pro….
    And does the 120hz of display affect the writing experience so much?is it very different from 60 hz display??

  3. Using the cut tool that you can actually replace a line you wrote levels up the experience, makes me consider buying, as this function is so absent in pen and paper writing. But on the downside, this is a technological device, and at some point, say in the middle of quickly writing down, it can have bugs- if it gets stuck – you kinda can’t do anything cause you depend on this device… what if it is an important lecture that every word you miss matters?
    Have you had any lags or bugs yet?
    Btw, great video!! Very helpful and interesting

  4. Does anyone know of a video that reviews it based on your ordinary person who uses it daily to watch videos..? Like one that talks about battery life etc..?

  5. I know that it's expensive and I'll have to work for a couple of months to get it.. But I waste so much paper when studying and it's a shame, especially when there are other options out there! Thanks that was really helpful ?

  6. I’m in high school and realllyyyyyy want to become a paperless student. But, do to school rules I’m not allowed to use my iPad during class. I don’t really like this rule because I can’t really do anything bad on my iPad in class and I’m not the type of student to zone out and do random things on my iPad. With exams I would like to study off my iPad looking back at my notes but unfortunately I’m going to need to copy down all of my notes off of paper into my iPad which is quite annoying and very time consuming but it’s the only thing I can really do. I hope they change this rule because becoming a paperless student seems like a really great idea to reduce paper usage. Anyways, bye!

  7. That was a great review. I was researching note taking because I just purchased my daughter an iPad and she is transitioning to note taking on the iPad. I made her watch the video also. Thank You!

  8. Which size of the iPad Pro would you recommend ? I got the 12.9, I want to use it for notes/college and drawing but I don’t now if I should switch to the 11 inch?

  9. "What I visualize in my head in a logical way so I can understand later"… Yeah, that's me, even if what I write/draw doesn't make much sense for others, I understand by heart what I meant with that crazy reference.

  10. The new iPad 10.2 inch with the Logitech crayon together costed me around 340£ on Black Friday. Apart from the non-laminated display making a louder noise on every pen stroke it is the same experience as the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, I don’t see why a broke to the bone uni student would go for anything more expensive.

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