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New iPad Pro 10.5 review

There’s a new iPad Pro at an all-new size, 10.5 inches. It has a bigger screen, but it’s faster too. Can it replace your laptop yet? Subscribe:

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28 thoughts on “New iPad Pro 10.5 review

  1. The difference between the 10.5 iPad Pro and the 9.7 iPad Pro is not noticeable. The iPad Pro 12 inch is a beautiful iPad to use around the house but don’t buy if you wish to carry it around with you out of the house, it’s way to big for that. The mini 4 takes some beating in my opinion, for price and functionality.

  2. Is mine the only model that ya have to
    Do the IBM dos 1990s double click on the on off button
    No screen shoot
    Button any more
    No USB mermory music port
    Battery that ya can’t get too
    The list goes on
    I have a draw full of chargers and cables ,sell that to Africa bill gates ya ripping of people with plastic cases
    Bring on China ?? s
    To make a removable charging battery
    USB port 4memory for music and a std charger cable that for alest ten years models
    Bring back the basics
    I still have a flip ph that was 100$ with a removable battery that’s 30$
    Now they make a 2000$ one ☝️
    It’s a ph

  3. I love using this iPad Pro 10.5 so much that I am using it to watch this video… I am using it for student kind and more on the media consumption… So it can actually replaced from a laptop… But i admit.. there are some things that can’t be done on the iPad Pro.. So cheers 🙂

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