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New iPad Pro Better Than The Macbook Air?

Macbook air one sale for $1099:

More Info on the Ipad Pro:

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 6:

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27 thoughts on “New iPad Pro Better Than The Macbook Air?

  1. Funny you say the air runs a real operating system. The iPad actually also has a real operating system. It’s just locked down opposed the the airs more classic/open operating system.

  2. macOS is meant for Powerful Work. But MacBook Pro is meant for light productivity. And for light productivity iPad Pro does it all. So for me iPad Pro is better. But if the comparison is with the case of MacBook Pro then MBP is for me.

  3. I’m glad you did this review since I see a lot of reviewers are comparing it to the MacBook pros which I think doesn’t quite make sense. I went back and forth on this but decided to order an iPad Pro 12.9”. Haven’t gotten yet but it’s on the way. I got the 256gb version. I’m thinking it’ll be enough for me.

  4. I love you content but please move you lamb out of background
    It makes video look fuzzy with reflection from light directions straight to camera
    I can’t see clearly screen iPad and MacBook.

    Only watch yours video by listen.
    Thank you

  5. I just wish it has a lite version of macOS and mouse support so i could run lite full version games like Sims 4. I have the ipad pro 11 and it's great just need that macOS.

  6. Just got back from Apple store, the iPad pro-2018 display makes the Macbook Air look poor. The iPad display pops!
    If Apple allowed mouse support on iPad then they'd have my money. I'm using an iPad on a keyboard like a laptop but I've got to lift my arm constantly to interact with the software! Dumb!

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