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Nike Apple Watch Series 5 Review – Was The Standard Apple Watch a Better Choice?

Apple Watch Nike Series 5 review, how I liked the watch so far.
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➡ Apple Watch Series 5 44mm ($15 Off)
➡ Series 5 Apple Watch 40mm ( $15 Off)
➡Apple Watch Series 3 42mm:
➡Apple Watch Series 3 38mm ($10 Off)
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27 thoughts on “Nike Apple Watch Series 5 Review – Was The Standard Apple Watch a Better Choice?

  1. My Apple Watch 5 Nike has an engraving at the back Nike +
    I don’t know why there is still +
    At the package there is no plus and I’ve bought it directly from Apple

    Somebody knows if there’s the reason to be worried about?

  2. With the prices of these things and how quickly they're outdated, why would someone paybsuch a premium for steel or ceramic cases. I like the titanium look but only aluminium is available in my country and to be honest they're pricey enough as is,

  3. Do always go "Sapphire"..even if apples sapphire has their coating that sux over it..:)
    But had ceramic two gens ago, did get it again now when they had one..but did notice i for sure not into the white anymore..:)
    So bought the Stainless steel in silver that has been my Favorite from first gen…:)

  4. WatchOS should also includes Always On Display toggle on Control Center. It definitely hits the battery life pretty hard. A quick toggle will help tremendously. Turn it off when you don't need AOD, and on again whenever you might need to peek at your watch.

  5. Nike of course!! Costs the same, with extra watch faces. Why would anyone pick the standard aluminum is beyond me. Hate the Nike straps? Don't open it and get another strap from Apple. Too expensive? Buy it from third party and vote with your wallet. DO NOT BUY the standard aluminum!!

  6. Great video by the way there is a great charger known as the air unleashed and since you have AirPods iPhone and Apple Watch it is literally AirPower and perfect for you if possible check it out ?

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