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OnePlus 7 Pro in 2020 – Marques was Right!

OnePlus 7 Pro was nominated as best phone of the year (2019) in Marques Brownlee’s smartphone awards. But the real question is, how does it stand up this year, or rather this decade? In this video I go over why I think Marques was right in picking this phone as best of 2019 and why it is an insane value (starting at just $499) brand new in 2020.

34 thoughts on “OnePlus 7 Pro in 2020 – Marques was Right!

  1. Owning the 7 pro since the Almond came out and I've had soo many phone and never felt satisfied, I complained about one thing or the other… The 7 pro literally is the perfect phone to me. Right size, gorgeous screen, great saturation, sound is powerful, performance is smooth af, the slider is useful, all screen is amazing, the cemras have improved tremendously and are even better with the Google apk. I do t want another phone till the 9 or 9t comes out.

  2. question , just curious, im considering whether to buy 7 pro or 7t, only thing im worried is that the pop camera motor longevity (if itll break or stop working on the long term) on the 7 pro and the lack of macro mode, 7t macro is amazing! yeah im not gonna use it too much but its cool, im looking to use phone atleast for 4 yrs..
    any comment pls 🙂

  3. No matter, how much investors you're in the Apple ecosystem, for someone to have phones like one plus or Samsung flagships, and still use the iPhone 11, is inexplicable.
    Either you lie or you're some freak coz why else would you use that ugly device with that anachronistic display that makes a mockery of the great A13 SoC.
    You prefer iOS, gtest – use the pro or the max with the great displays, not that compromise of a device.

  4. I just picked up a OnePlus 7 Pro 5g Nebula Blue to replace my Note 10+ that had to be replaced several times. Loving OnePlus so far, just wish more models were compatible with my carrier and that Sprint would have offered the 12/256 option instead of just the 8/256.

  5. I just posted on Travis blog the same thing you just laid out. This phone is STILL the best phone I've owned. OxygenOS, popup camera, its camera, the display, refresh rates, UFS 3.0
    storage, security updates? Did I say OxygenOS? This phone is still bananas. I keep an IPhone 8 plus with me but my OnePlus is my daily driver and has been since I got it. Thanks for the video.

  6. Don't know which phone I'm gonna buy…
    What would you say is the best for the price?
    1. Oneplus 7 pro (610€)
    2. Oneplus 7t pro (680€)
    3. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (650€)
    4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (750€)

    And btw the Samsungs are the exynos versions. Hope someone can help me

  7. I have a 12mp camera on my current phone, so I'm going to get the OnePlus 8 after it's released in a few months. Also OnePlus 8 will have better specs than my current phone

  8. Was planning on buying this phone but it went out of stock near me could anyone tell me when the 7 pro price drop happened so i can have an idea on when it'll happen for the 7t?

  9. I recommended this phone to 3 friends who has been using iPhone for many years, 1 of them wasn't used to it and returned it. The other 2 loved it and sold their iPhone XS Max. The new Android 10 gesture is amazing and works so well with the curved display. Just feel very natural to swipe the curve to go back. I've had this phone for 8 months and it's still as fast as day 1 and the battery still holds up. And changing the battery on this is pretty easy compared to some of the other devices.

  10. Bought my Almond OP7 Pro 8GB ram 256GB storage in July 2019 and still love it! Nothing comes close to the full display screen, speed and storage for the price.

  11. Word of warning, since op7 has 90hz screen which most phone maker already leave it over, you may not take advantage of 90hz on most apps as there isn't a lot user with 90hz

  12. I personally prefer the 7T. I dislike the rising camera and curved edges, around the time I got my 7T my friend got the 7 pro and while I do prefer the layout of his back cameras It doesn't personally outweigh the cons for the phone, however, I do agree that it is an amazing phone and at an unbelievable price

  13. I traded my iPhone X for one today and I have to say coming from a previous Samsung Note 9, and iPhone X this OnePlus 7 Pro is the best phone I've had to date.
    I found the 7 Pro on Facebook Market and the seller was wanting an iPhone so I offered my X.
    I know he really lost on the deal with on his side but he seemed happy. The Processor,Display and RAM are AWESOME BUT the Camera is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I took some shots outdoors and my friends was asking if I had used a DSLR

  14. Bought mine for 300 back in October and was so happy until that guy that sold it declared it stolen a month later :/ I still use it for movies or games though. Such an amazing display.

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