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OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition | 2 Months Later Review

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50 thoughts on “OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition | 2 Months Later Review

  1. I don't think setting the display to 1080 is that big of a deal since the battery life is more improved than 1440 is better than 1080. I mean can you REALLY see the difference? It's not that noticable on a phone. 1080 with better battery life is the way to go. I get that "but why have these features if you need to disable or use lower settings for better battery life" but when there's not that noticable of a difference but the battery life is a big difference, then I don't have a problem using 1080 and 60hz on 4G if it means I get more than double the battery life. And 5G is the biggest battery killer. I have 5G in my city but 4G is still plenty fast and doesn't drain the crap out of the battery. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep this phone because of the battery draining but then I remembered I can switch to 4G and battery life improved tremendously. It's a damn good phone even if I can't use 5G, 1440 and 90hz if I want the best battery life I can get. If I'm not too concerned about battery life because I'll be able to charge it if I need, I'll set it to 1440 and 90hz or at least 90hz. 1440 just isn't that big of a deal. Bottom line is it's a great phone and I'm glad I kept it

  2. How can you only have 7000 subs. This review was one of the best I‘ve ever seen, you honestly deserve more than half a million.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. I also wish the display calibrated to a brighter default setting on Auto brightness. However, the brightness boosts beyond the permitted manual setting in sunlight, so it's never a problem even in the bright sun.

  4. I came from the Note 10 plus and even though I miss the S pen, I really love this BEAST. It has not been a disappointment since leaving Samsung. I am looking forward to the Note 20 Ultra and also the next version of the McLaren. I will weigh the costs and the specs but I believe I will be a OnePlus user from now on…

  5. The one reason that I chose this phone over the note 10+ 5G is the note has a camera in the display panel… As much as I really like this phone I am honestly thinking about upgrading from it as soon as possible as I am having major issues with my in dash display in my truck on Android Auto with using this phone… Everytime I drive my truck I put my sim back into my old cracked Galaxy S9 just so that I can use Android Auto without any problems.

  6. I put the One Plus 7 T pro next to my iPhone 11 Pro Max and the screen was a heck of a lot brighter on the One Plus! More vivid too! My father has the One Plus.

  7. Why do you guys even compare Apple and Android. They are both different ecosystem and different price point. There is no logic comparing both coz both run completely different algorithms! Bad review!

  8. Irina I love your videos congra!
    So in fact I , do you recommend the op 7g McLaren edition in 2020? Cuz my plan is to buy it now , but I don't know if to wait till the op 8 pro/op McLaren edition lol

  9. I do enjoy 7t Pro Mclaren. My photos are as good and sometimes better than friends 10+ and friend's iPhone 11. The particular curve on this phone is outstanding!

  10. Bought this phone last month and love it! After puttingba screen protector on it, I had trouble with the fingerprint scanner, too. I've played around with it to the point where I can get to unlock 95% of the time. It all depends on the angle I hold my finger at. I also noticed this brand of screen protector picks up ALOT of the oils from my fingers so I wipe it down ever so often. Also, what are you reviewers doing to drain the battery? I work 3rd shift andI don't even have to take my charger to work with me because it lasts so long!

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