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OnePlus Concept One Phone: Disappearing Cameras?

OnePlus Concept One isn’t a real phone… but in a future with many cameras in every phone, this tech could be awesome!

Electrochromic tech in the roof of a Mclaren:

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24 thoughts on “OnePlus Concept One Phone: Disappearing Cameras?

  1. U know what fascinates me, how excited people get over nothing, its just another phone their all the same they connect and take pics wow what a leap in tech, NOT.

  2. I love OnePlus' McLaren Inspired designs on Phones. I don't know why, but I find those so much better than 'standard' desings – maybe it's becasue Orange is my favourite colour, or because I love McLaren, but the 7T pro is my favourite phone yet in terms of design and specs.

  3. I seriously don't understand why all phone brands advertise abt camera and its shape. .!? we are not photographers to buy high quality cameras, We need inside features.
    Putting high prices for fucking cam's And inside nothing new, hardly 1or2 new features… People weak up!

  4. I really want to think of a use for this because it is definitely cool technology, but for the moment I can only think of the downsides. For one, this will surely increase cost as you mentioned. I would also be concerned that it may not be 100% as clear as normal glass even when in that mode. What about battery life? Does it require a constant signal to stay dark, or is it just a "pulse to toggle" deal? If it is constant, is it enough to matter? Even the one potentially useful feature – ND filter mode – I see as a gimmick at best. Smartphones don't gather enough light in the first place to need ND. Your own example shows this – even in what I imagine is a brightly lit commercial area, it doesn't get close to base ISO as is, never mind with this on.

    The one interesting aspect is that if all phones had this, you'd know if the one pointing in your general direction had the camera active or not, which would be a real change from the way things are now. Whether that's a good or bad thing depends who you are I suppose.

  5. I've seen Samsung and Xiaomi , aka Mi (Chinese Technology Company) have this concept during 2019. I saw Xiaomi doing it in late 2018 and during the summer of 2019 I also discovered Samsung has a pretty similar "approach" to the future. I'm not sure if Xiaomi is "ripping off" Samsung or the opposite, but I'm personally not a fan of the idea.

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