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OnePlus X Review

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The OnePlus X just might be one of the best entry points into Android right now.

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40 thoughts on “OnePlus X Review

  1. missed phone like this, 5" screen perfect on hand and fit on pocket, amoled display is always great. edgy bezel and flat back surface that you wont find anymore on current lame phone design

  2. Such a beautiful device…. too bad they Fecked up and made it virtually incompatible with T-Mobile. The one major carrier that has the most customers that probably would have bought it…

  3. First off – not a phone brand or model I'd ever recommend. Bought the phone and a few things; good design, nice features, clean look, BUT poor quality. My phone started overheating in about 8 months. Battery died within 5 to 6 hours. After returning phone to OnePlus (TX service center) they held my phone for about 3 weeks only to state that it was out of warranty due to a cm long hairline crack on the corner of the screen. Overall, poor quality phone & company will give you runaround if you need to play the warranty card.
    Avoid OnePlus

  4. got the phone 3 days ago. Everything is awesome except the fact that 2-3 times a day the phone reboots itself which is very annoying. Anybody got a fix for this?

  5. looking to buy a budget phone for at least 200 as a gift. buying it for someone coming from an iPhone 5, they're not super into heavy usage of their phone. They use it for Tumblr and Snapchat lol thats about it. wondering if the one plus X is worth it

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