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OnePlus X Review: Simple Beauty | Pocketnow

Learn more about the OnePlus X! Check out our full review at Pocketnow: /2015/11/11/oneplus-x-review-simple-beauty. (Full description below)

UPDATE: We claim a 1% per hour charge rate in the narration, folks. Obviously that’s incorrect; what we mean is a 1% per MINUTE charge rate.

Take a look at any roundup of the best smartphones under $300 and you’re bound to find a lot of compromise, particularly in industrial design. With its newest smartphone, OnePlus looks to change all that with a…

47 thoughts on “OnePlus X Review: Simple Beauty | Pocketnow

  1. this phone is shit. my sister has it and she hates it. i hate the screen which saturates the crap out of everything, looks like the screen has a problem,.
    laggy slow and shit camera.
    do. not. buy. this. shit.

  2. First off, avoid OnePlus products. The OnePlus X is a good looking phone but not worth it. Bought the phone & it started faulting within 8 to 9 months i.e. overheating & battery life under 5 hours. OnePlus did not honor the warranty because of a hairline (about a cm long) crack on the corner of the screen. I was forced to go back to a legit phone company & lesson learned.
    Avoid OnePlus products. You truly get what you pay for. Cheap end product & poor customer service when it really matters.

  3. Horrible company. OS update ruined my WiFi connection and my phone is only 4 months old. They won't replace it. Only offer repair leaving customers without a phone for days while being repaired. I'll go back to trusted companies that will replace their equipment when it's a system issue.

  4. I'd love to buy the phone, but im wondering about one thing my OneplusOne had, and i definitely liked. AudioFX, or MaxxAudio
    Is it featured on the OnePlus X ? Because i really want good sounds on my phone!

  5. a fast android phone,well designed, but too slipery when in use without a protective case.And the 3 basic buttons not illumintaed guesting were to touch.Onother thing it is very good in daylight use!Nice buy though a bit expensive.Think well befor you buy it.

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