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OPPO F15 Review – Good Offline Buy?


OPPO’s smartphones have sure been popular offline and today let’s see how their latest OPPO F15 fares…

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We’ve been testing the OPPO F15 out for a while now and in this video I’m gonna give you my thoughts on this quad camera toting OPPO smartphone.

The OPPO F15 comes with a 6.4 inch AMOLED display. The resolution is Full HD+ and it has a tiny notch up top . This Notch holds a 16MP selfie…

47 thoughts on “OPPO F15 Review – Good Offline Buy?

  1. "With great power comes great responsibility"

    Spider Man t-shirt and Spider with its web on the wall.

    Awesome details!!

    Not interested in Oppo phones but for sure interested in how the video has been made.

    Keep rocking!

  2. Hey Ash i am newly following your channel…i watched ur reviews ….it's so nice
    As a follower my wish is to first tell the specs of the every smartphone in unboxing and review….it may help a lot…display the specs of the smart phone

  3. The phone is definitely overpriced. I have no idea why anyone would spend 20k offline when they can get a better deal @ 15k online. Amazon and Flipkart have made purchases so simple and there's just no excuse to buy offline.

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