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PUBG vs. Call of Duty (SFM Animation)

New SFM PUBG Animation series called “PUBG vs. Call of Duty” is online! I hope you enjoy this funny and entertaining PUBG animation in 3D cartoon style!
Who will win?! Enjoy!

Thanks to:

minitiv (Pubg Models)
ArachnitCZ (Fortnite Models)
Auditor: (Fortnite Face Flexes)
Epic Games & Bluehole: Creating Models
Several reddit boyzz


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31 thoughts on “PUBG vs. Call of Duty (SFM Animation)

  1. As you can see call of duty is famous for its badass characters and their equipment and their fearsome training, most of all they are the most dangerous special forces in the world would possibly have, even an single soldier will be to hard to knock by the whole squad of Pubg. Pubg is a game for all but call of duty is only a game for players who have the bloods of warrior inside them.

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