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PUBG and Fortnite finally go head to head in the Trial of the Century! But who will emerge victorious?

Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written by Eddie Bowley
Animated by BillyBCreations:
Voice of PUBG Lawyer, PUBG Assistant, Map Expert and Juge by Dan Gavin
Voice of Fortnite Lawyer by Steven Sarifus Kelly
Sound Design and Music Curation by Jason Dewey

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37 thoughts on “PUBG vs FORTNITE

  1. Pubg is way better then fartnite pubg is bigger map cool item and much more fun fartnite is for dumb people in the world to play epic game can go to hell pubg the best of all fartnite can go to hell and never been create i hope fartnite never been create pubg awesome fartnite is such a dumb ASS game

  2. Now if I wanted to play a third person shooter I would just cause if I wanted to play a great shooter I would play halo or call of duty modern warfare original 2 and 3 and black ops one and two

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