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Samsung Galaxy A50 Play PUBG Mobile Max Setting | Exynos 9610 RAM 4GB 4000 mAh

Samsung Galaxy A50
Before playing game
Brightness: 50%
Connect : Wifi
Pin: 59%
Temperature: 37.2°C
Volume: 100%

After playing game
Time: 26…

41 thoughts on “SAMSUNG GALAXY A50 Play FORTNITE MOBILE ???

  1. Samsung Galaxy A50 snap dragon cpu the best grahpics 9 cores but you cannot play fortnite cuz gpu error or after you added the fake building code and than is installing optimizing contact or what ever, u can log in into you're main accout but when you join the F***** server you are waiting to the bus in loby and than "yay" you kicked by internet lag but that's not true cuz my internet is on like 225 minimun fps and its super fast on ultra graphics. VPN error also not true cuz i'm was never used vpn changing or changed my proxy port and ip at all but i've found a really hard way to play fortnite on almost supported devices like Samsung Galaxy A50

    all information of my video i'll upload will be on this channel??

  2. My god how people still don't know about this. If you want to play fortnite on mobile you need a flagship cpu like snapdragon 845 and above,kirin 970 and above for android. So stop asking if it will works on other phone because it will not. Impossible

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