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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus- Otterbox Defender Pro Case

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus- Otterbox Defender Pro Case

In this video I review the Otterbox Defender Pro for the Galaxy S10 Plus. You can purchase this case using the link below

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Galaxy S10+ Otterbox Defender Pro Case

Compatible with Galaxy S10+
Multi-layer defense: solid inner shell and soft outer cover (NO BUILT IN SCREEN PROTECTOR)
Belt-clip holster…

32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus- Otterbox Defender Pro Case

  1. I'll get this today. Got a Samsung S10+ Ceramic White 512GB on special a few days ago. This will provide perfect lip protection. And it has a soft flexible outer. I've had the S3, S5, S8, and S9 over the past 10 years. At least Samsung NZ offers one free screen replacement.

  2. Here is a trick that makes all the difference when installing a S10+ into the Otterbox defender. You must place the phone face down on the front panel, then add the back to the front while the phone is still facing down. If you put the phone in the bottom then try to clip on the top, you will lift the protective screen that came with the phone, and get air-bubbles under the screen; even tear the surface of the protector screen. Bad news. Same problem if you replace the plastic screen protector and use a high quality Whitestone Dome Glass add-on to the phone. The issue is that when placing the front face on top of the phone after it is seated in the bottom holder, really scrapes the screen protector and will lift the protector creating air-bubbles every time. This video shows how to do it correctly, but it is not obvious to some users that this particular phone is very sensitive to any side force scraping the edge of the phone during assembly into an otterbox.

  3. Buddy the case you are showing is Pro version. And the link you shared are for normal Otterbox defender case (the old version). Big difference. Kindly share proper link. Still waiting

  4. If you use a gear vr daily i wouldnt recommend this case as you have to take it off everytime you use vr goggles an this case takes to much effort to get on an off.

  5. Is it ok to remove the case often for several reasons like changing sim or sd cards mine has got a bit creaky and makes some sounds on the plastic only had it a few days is this normal

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