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Samsung Galaxy S10+ VS LG V40 ThinQ |The Ultimate Speaker Battle

Samsung Galaxy S10+ VS LG V40 ThinQ The Ultimate Speaker Battle

I wanted to put the Galaxy S10+ against the LG V40 ThinQ and do an Ultimate Speaker Battle. Please let me know what phone won this battle in the comments.


My Current Youtube Gear:

Camera-Canon SL2-

Camera Lens-

Lights setup-

Microphone- Boya –


20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10+ VS LG V40 ThinQ |The Ultimate Speaker Battle

  1. Everyone is saying the v40. I had them both and the s10 is better from my own view. The v40 is operating here in boombox mode but if you pick it up it’s different. However, when you use headphones nothing beats the DAC 32 of the v40. Problem – v40 is using 845 and the 855 of the s10 plus the screen blows the v40 away. The s10 actually compares to the xs MAX and I would say I much the screen overall of the s10. However, you can’t beat my apps on my xs Max. Apple stiill rules with the highest quality apps. e.g. OmniFocus, DEVONthink, Things 3 and on it goes with stuff not made cross platform yet. This is changing but it’s slow.

  2. LG for the win on this I think. Watched a few speaker battles with the S10/S10+ and these sound very tinny to my old ears. Other phones more basey and better ✌️??

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