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SAMSUNG GALAXY S11 – Big Changes!

We have some big changes in the samsung galaxy S11 and its not exactly what we were expecting!

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the samsung galaxy s11 is the upcoming phone from samsung and its set to be an incredible flagship. While it seems the galaxy s11 may be different then what we originally expected its still looking great! Its easy to see why the samsung galaxy s11 is one of the most anticipated phones of the years and many peoples favourites. In today’s video we go over…

28 thoughts on “SAMSUNG GALAXY S11 – Big Changes!

  1. Only Blah Blah Blah.

    Where is the change? Nothing has changed since s6. Just put more and more cameras. Soon the whole back will be in the cameras. Use 1 year and start working slowly. Half-day battery gone, and when you need it you don't have one. Also money. It looks like buying a car. I have all "S" models and all is the same.
    Thanks but I prefer to use the old one……..

  2. I'm willing to bet that no other phone in history will do a better job on spying on you. When they tell me how to remove all the spyware; I"ll buy one.

  3. It's gonna be too expensive for me.. even on a UK contract you'll be talking at least for the plus phone around £80-120 A month narrr I think I'll probably now if that happens opt-in for the, One PLUS phone it's a large screen and 5g ready. It seems all your payin for with the Samsung 11 is camera improvements to be honest why do you really need that on a phone if you want to do photography he just buy a SLR camera

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