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Samsung Galaxy S11 Leaks Are Here!

The cat is out of the bag: the first leaked photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus reveal the new design and huge changes to the camera system with a massive, 5-camera array that includes a brand new 108-megapixel main camera sensor, a periscope camera, a secondary telephoto zoom lens and an ultra-wide angle lens, plus a depth camera. Add a new flagship Snapdragon chip, 5G support and a massive battery too.

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36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S11 Leaks Are Here!

  1. hello! I saw your charging speed contest! Hopefully in your next charging speed contest you have a oppo reno2 (Newest Oppo) (Also known as oppo A9) Because it actually has a really good charging speed please notice me!

  2. The Galaxy S11, is also supposed to sport a screen with an aspect ratio of 20:9 and a screen resolution of 3,200 x 1,440p. This will be backed up by a 120 Hz refresh rate and will be the best display Samsung has ever produced to date, once it releases.

  3. Looks absolutely horrible. I'm a long time Galaxy owner who gets every model but I certainly won't be getting this one. I'm tired of phone manufacturers adding more cameras with every iteration.

  4. can they just make the phone a tad thicker and just hide the lenses behind the glass backing of the phone. So what if its a few mm thicker and they can put a even bigger battery there.

  5. Dont ever buy Samsung customer service is shit I sent my s10 plus prism blue in for repair and they ship me a black At & t s10 plus I ship back at & t phone and they still keep my phone and its been ongoing since November 12th

  6. Couldn't care less about the fancy camera tech with all these different apertures and modes. Give us a bigger battery and a headphone jack and you'll have plenty of sales.

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