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Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus Hands On!

Here is a full hands on with the new Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ from Samsung! Check out the new camera, 120Hz screen, and more! I do compare the two phones, and discuss what’s new! Subscribe for more:
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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus Hands On!

  1. Galaxy S20 is awesome and the display is not much curved than the previous S10 series. Samsung Galaxy has limited color options and it has glass back same as S10 series.

    I ordered a red sandstone skin from gadgetshieldz to improve grip and to give a unique color

  2. Basicaly
    Samsung: best ui (one ui is great!)
    Oneplus: best camera
    Xiaomi: best value for money

    Samsung: fill the phone with samsung crap that makes it a lot slower and slow updates
    Oneplus: no waterresistance and no wireless charging and a bit big
    Xiaomi: camera is the best compare to the other two

    Make ur choices based on that.

  3. I think the S20 base model is the best balance of all features. It just wish it had a little more mah on the battery… I don't need the quad camera set up. I'm still deciding which one to get s20 or s20+

  4. Think im finally gonna switch to samsung after being a long time apple fan. Gonna be really sad not being able to use imessage, idrop and stuff but this phone is beautiful!!! Gonna wait a year or two till my iphone x become a bit outdated and for this phone become cheaper and get the s20

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