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Samsung Galaxy S20 series HANDS ON!

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The Galaxy S20 series is FINALLY here. What’s new?

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37 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 series HANDS ON!

  1. Seriously?! Haven't moved on yet with the headphone jack?! Yes it's quite disappointing but seriously haven't we seen this coming yet?! I DID. Apart from it gives them more space for other internals that matters it gives them more leverage to upsell their upcoming Galaxy Buds+. And I would assume very seldom people juice up their cells while listening to their music and it can be done by using wireless earphones tho. And for that kind of battery upgrades (mine is a Note9 with 4000mAh) I don't think you'll be needing to charge it (S20 phones) often. That's just me. I'm actually looking forward to upgrade this year as coming from a Galaxy Note9 last year's Samsung offerings are simply not very satisfying enough to shell out more than I spend or equal to what I have spent with this Galaxy Note9 from when I bought it last year. And I noticed Android Authority's reviews of Samsung phones are quite subjective because they only focus on Snapdragon variants and not really tackling the Exynos ones which is more globally available than Snapdragon ones. #JustBeingHonest #GalaxyS20series are one of the best phones in 2020.

  2. Buuuuuuut that's all cool… my Note 10+ still can keep up with it.. oh you want 8k vid… sorry dont feel like spending well 8k on a tv that has 8k…. oh 5G.. good luck that's not going to be mainstream for at least 2 more yrs….so yea have fun

  3. I am planning to buy the pink one, but when I learned there's no headphone jack, uhmm, sorry but I am not interested anymore. I prefer using wired headphones than the wireless one.

  4. Being an unbiased reviewer is a tough task for many. You "pretty" much commented on every aspect of the phone is bad. The phone is leaked a million times, its big, expensive, skeptical about camera etc. Dude "HEAD PHONE JACK IS DEAD". Please try to be cheerful and make a better review video

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