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Samsung Galaxy S20 Series – TOP 10 UPCOMING FEATURES

Samsung Galaxy S20 series (S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra) will bring a lot of new camera features, designs, hardware and software improvments so here are the top 10 changes to look out for

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30 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 Series – TOP 10 UPCOMING FEATURES

  1. I usually upgrade every year but this year I've decided to keep my S10+, why? It's still simply a pleasure to use. Plus it incorporates all the features I need or want. Still blazing fast and the camera, display & ?, very good. The s 20's look to be very nice. The ultra gonna be tricked out at 14oo.oo bucks and the base model at a grand? I've had no issues with my S10+ so an upgrade I don't feel is necessary at this point in time. But they do look very nice!

  2. I wonder if they ever fixed the connection issues they have with the Galaxy S10? I bought the Galaxy S10 and had it for about a week and send it back to Verizon cuz everytime I try to do something whether it be connecting to Google Maps or searching for something it would say no connection found and it didn't matter if it was on Wi-Fi or if it was connected to data. So I assumed it's got to be the phone's Problem whether it be Hardware or software. Are the Galaxy 9 plus now and really would like to upgrade

  3. Most people. Said 8k is pointless.. But same thing people said when samsung introduce note 3 2013..but now most people use it include me n convert to 1080 p for save memory..

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