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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Update Test: Better or Worse?

The first major Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera update is finally live and here the Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Test to show you the improvements. The s20 ultra camera update fix improves focus and camera quality but just how much better did it get? Finally I can do my full Samsung Galaxy S20 camera review but for now enjoy my galaxy s20 camera update review and stay tuned for more galaxy s20 ultra camera comparisons in the future with more flagship smartphones. Is the S20 ultra better now?…

47 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Update Test: Better or Worse?

  1. I find when zooming in the camera seriously over smooths the image. Its not the same as what I took in camera, happens after. Tried taking some moon photos but was a total waste as it smoothed it way way too much

  2. I know for the s20, s20 they had 3 updates for phones & cameras. The auto focus, pictures, colors, etc are extreme better. I know ATCT update of s20 ultra. The other 2 models had ATCD OR ATD. Samsung rep said they are working on other updates to make more major camera fixes soon.

  3. the latest update with April security patch seems to have fix a lot of the AF issues in video mode. yet to test out the other modes though but in short, i m generally seeing better AF performance. (Eyxnos Malaysia Unit)

  4. Basically what I can see, it still completely crap, when you consider the price and it a flagship phone it is pretty disgusting, this proof over and over again you cannot beat dual pixel autofocus ….. the price is a total rip-off

  5. I came into this expecting it to take 2-3 updates to get it really dialed in. Works mostly fine for now but I expect it'll get better and better over time.

  6. 4k60 video still jumps on focus. Dynamic range and shadows are still crushed. Also it struggles to focus on lowlight and indoor shots. The natural bokeh is too aggresive making it hard to scan documents. It literally blurs everything that's out of focus. They need a major update on this camera. Its unacceptable for $1400. I kinda regretted trading in my S10+.

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