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Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA First Look – It's a BEAST! | The Tech Chap

Does the Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA 5G live up to the Hype? The flagship of the new Galaxy S20 lineup – it boasts a HUGE 6.9″ Display, QUAD Camera, 120hz Display & 5,000 mAH Battery! The Ultra is a BEAST of a phone – but will it be worth the crazy £1300 / $1400 price tag?

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50 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA First Look – It's a BEAST! | The Tech Chap

  1. the time difference on charging between the 25w and 45w is only 8 minutes. Not really a bid deal. The 25w charger actually charges this larger battery faster than the note 10's battery and fully charges in 1hr 1min.

  2. "It's still not as smooth as the iphone???" Wake up man.! This is far way better than iphone! You can't even compare this to iphone. For sure, you're one of Apple worshipper out there. So you have to wake up

  3. I don't know. There seems to be a fair number of gotchas with the new features. It's almost like our Korean friends are trying to throw everything into the Samsung phone and are hoping something sticks. I think I'll hang on to my iPhone 11 Pro MAX for the time being.

  4. Again, Samsung sets the standard in mobile industry in 2020 and beyond. Shame, Samsung S10 Ultra is out of sock already. I will buy it without blinking. S10 Ultra is better to hold than the Note 10+ and iPhone 11 despite of the bigger display. Fantastic phone.!!! Not to mention it's still lighter than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  5. Generally speaking, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a BEASTLY phone for this year 2020. The size of the phone, storage capacities, 120 HZ screen refresh rate, quad camera setup along with 108 MP main sensor and a large 5,000 mAh battery are prime examples of a BEAST. This phone was made to make BOLD statements across the board against the rival competitive phones. Not for the S20 or S20+, but as for the S20 Ultra Samsung should've made the base internal memory storage to 256 GB and not 128 GB. Samsung also should've improved the screen embedded fingerprint scanner to cover a larger area of the screen and have more color choices for the phone itself. Besides these three blemishes, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a great phone overall. There's no denying that. I assume later on this year the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series phones (another BEAST) will capitalize on the three blemishes I just mentioned about the Galaxy S20 Ultra. In addition to that the screen size for the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series phones might probably range from 6.8" to a whopping 7.1" or 7.2".

  6. I wanted to buy the phone so bad and have been watching reviews to see if they had the new wide scanner third’s it’s the first review to answer my question ? keeping my iPhone

  7. Phone looks like it will be a beast except I hate their fingerprint scanner one plus has a better one and it’s cheaper I can’t see paying 1400 bucks for a phone with such a janky scanner if it wasn’t for that I would be trying to get rid of my pro max but gave I’d is so effortless and smooth and reliable can’t stand trying to get into my bank app and not being able to get in because of failed attempts

  8. Amazing phone prob the best samsung have ever done. I hate the boring colours though. Whats with the dull grey and black colour they are boring as hell id take the black one over the grey. But why cant samsung do primary colours at launch!

  9. Quality review looks really good but as you have said a few times it's a bit £££££ and I could never pay that much Samsung are losing out with lots of customers

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