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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review: Big, Beefy and Bombastic

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra is a lot of phone. Even in the era of large smartphones this feels like a massive device, but at least Samsung makes good use of the space, packing it with a 5G modem, Snapdragon 865 processor, 120hz OLED screen, a giant 5,000mAh battery, and a trio of cameras. Those cameras are really the device’s flagship feature, boasting one sensor with 108MP of resolution, the ability to zoom up to 100x, and 8K video capture. Unfortunately, the camera’s features are more…

49 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review: Big, Beefy and Bombastic

  1. Fortnite 120hz sure seems improved from 60hz… lmao

    I guess if it has shooting then it has to be fortnite ?‍♂️ Shooting as a genre just didn't exist before fortnite right, lol

  2. Clearly a pixel user and samsung hater. No thanks. I've watched dozens of reviews on the ultra and while its bit perfect most agree that the cameras are amazing upgrades. So not believing this review.

  3. $1,399 for bleeding edge tech is bitched about yet wait a year when it’s outta date, slap an apple on it, raise the price another $100 and the crowd goes WILD! ???

  4. some Youtubers still have honor in their bodies and do not sell for the products. I will include your critical opinion in my purchase decision and thank you for the test.

  5. This gal and iChris are the reason I don't visit Engadget's website anymore. But its ok for Engadget to lose a thousand viewer like me, because they earn much more from Apple for being a troll.

  6. "it's only slightly larger than the iPhone 11 Pro max"…only shows the back of the phones so you don't see the big chunky bezels on the iPhone compared to Samsung's edge to edge screen.

    "The photos weren't as crisp"…as she's taking photos while the phone is shaking. Amateur hour here folks.

  7. However tempting the S20 Ultra is, I've already made up my mind: I'm getting the 11 Pro Max this time.
    I don't know about you guys but the iPhone 11 Pro max looks and feels more premium. It is also technically faster, technically more water-resistant has unmatched battery life, gets timely updates for years to come, takes great pictures in pretty much all conditions and last but not least, iPhones have historically had a way higher resale-value. That 1400$ S20 Ultra will probably be like 1100$ if not less in 3 to 4 months.
    The 11 Pro Max just sounds like a better investment to me.

  8. This is one of the worst reviews I have ever seen. I have never seen someone so fake and disingenuous review a product before. The acting is terrible, the writing is terrible. It feels like she didn't want to make this and was forced to make it for clicks. The way she spoke in the beginning tells me she uses an Apple as her daily driver. Which is fine but why not give us an Android user to give us an Android review? I couldn't even finish the video. There are far better reviews out there.

  9. What did I just watch? Complaining about a 100x zoom being an Invasion of privacy while pointing the camera at people's apartments makes no sense. Also, why would you be against the idea of Facebook and yet use Instagram (it's owned by Facebook)?

  10. When I saw this girl’s stupid face in the thumbnail and the terrible YouTube channel I clicked on it just to see how many dislikes this video got, I wasn’t disappointed.

  11. Literally the only review so far to say the camera isn't a marked improvement over the previous generation. Also the phone isn't that heavy… The Pro Max is noticably heavier.

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