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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Tomorrow's Specs, Yesterday's Design [Hands-On]

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You know the worst thing about attending a tech briefing while you have pneumonia? It’s not the shortness of breath or the fact that your voice doesn’t really work (as you can hear in this video). Rather, it’s not knowing whether your vague sense of disappointment is thanks to the foam in your lungs, or the phone…

34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Tomorrow's Specs, Yesterday's Design [Hands-On]

  1. It does rather make me laugh . Good review but hey come on to fit all that tech etc battery cameras big ass lovely screen in to a phone factor that you can get in to your pocket . You design it if you think you could make it better more nicer looking . Etc come on get real man lol

  2. Yesterday's design? Haha! If you look inside of the hardware itself, I wonder if anybody can say that with the most advanced hardware design in the new S20 series!

  3. Honestly I am someone that buys on specs I'm not really sold on folding phones quite yet. After using my mom's tablet and my old moto blur I can never go back to the cheap devices lag is maddening for me.

  4. This is one of the most ripoff phones Samsung has ever made. I have the S10 Plus and so far I still love it. Now I find out that the 45 Watt Charger is optional and have to pay extra it makes me think that it's Apple. After paying almost $1500 for the phone most people will think that the 45w is already included in the box but then they find out nope it's not. Like I said, ripoff.

  5. Its a beast of a device but geeze that "stove too design" has to die and real fast too… Ugh. I'll hold onto my Note 9 for awhile considering that price point

  6. Kids growing up today are going to have the quickest tech without having to see companies go through slow techs for us consumers to deal with

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