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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs LG V60 ThinQ Comparison: Too Close?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has been the focus of smartphone talk lately but the LG V60 ThinQ 5G is coming to shake things up delivering flagship performance for less. The Galaxy S20 Ultra vs LG V60 ThinQ comparison is closer than you think it would be and I can’t wait to do the Galaxy S20 vsLG V60 camera comparison when the phone is released. Make sure you check out my Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing and Camera Test and be on the look out for the Full Galaxy S20 Ultra Review. Stay tuned for…

48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs LG V60 ThinQ Comparison: Too Close?

  1. Don't forget the Sony Xperia 1 II, I think it has the best design, no notch, or hole and finally a headphone jack.
    Not sure of the base price though.
    But I am guessing aside from no 8k, it's camera performance will be tops.

  2. forget Bro , LG V60 is better than S20 Ultra in Photos PROCESSING quality and Features and better in Video Quality and features and a beast Manual Mode and the best Audio quality ever and with the Dual screen case , it's a real magic with an amazing price

  3. I honestly don't care about a headphone jack anymore. 90 percent of the time I don't even use headphones, and when I do I can just use a dongle. OnePlus 7T Pro user here.

  4. I have an LG G8 and a V20, but the moment I heard the V60 was a full HD, and not a QHD screen, it stopped being a contender. This isn't 2013 LG. Stop doing this to yourself ?

  5. I bought an A71 for this year's phone when I found out the S20s didn't have a headphone jack. So yes, more important than having the highest performing phone.

  6. Great review, but in no way enough to get me out of my S20 Ultra. Samsung has an amazing track record with me. I fell for these types of "grand gestures", if you will, with LG before and was just disappointed.

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