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Samsung Galaxy S20 vs S20 Plus vs S20 Ultra – Which One Is Right For You?

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra have been released, prices at $1000, $1200, and $1400 respectively. If you are in the market to buy any of the Galaxy S20 phones, you need to watch this video to see exactly what the differences are between to make the right choice.

Let’s dive in.

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42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 vs S20 Plus vs S20 Ultra – Which One Is Right For You?

  1. There is a difference in 5G in the base model S20 that seems to be missed by reviewers that concentrate on the camera specs: The Galaxy S20 includes only the Sub 6 version of 5G, which offers broad coverage but no speed bursts over 1 gigabit per second. The Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra offer both Sub-6 and mmWave, which includes those massive speed bursts in select areas. (There's one exception here: Verizon is planning to release a special version of the standard Galaxy S20 in the second quarter of the year that will include mmWave.)

  2. Please i need to know 1 thing a bit the s20 models. With the s10 phones, when you are in direct sunlight you see the fingerprint sensor through the screen and its a square that is really visible. Is it the same with the s20 models? Please someone confirm to me?

  3. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is the best phone ever built. The phone is perfect. Future proof. I am very lucky to have a new S20 plus delivered to me on the 10th March. God bless everyone.

  4. This video helped me to finally decide! Just pre-ordered the ultra! I hope I don’t regret it lolll. Switching from iPhone 6plus ?

  5. I pre-ordered the s20 plus. My reason for not getting the ultra was that I was never gonna use the zoom feature in it. I wanted a big screen so I got that from s20 plus and also it's alot more comfortable to hold, weighs less than the ultra and also does not have that huge bump like the ultra. I usually get the top of the line phone but this time I skipped the ultra because I think the money is worth on the s20 plus and I get a larger screen, comfortable handling and a sleek design and I save $200. Also s20 plus supports the 1mm wave too!

    What do you think of my decision to go with the plus rather than the ultra? Would love to hear your feedback.

  6. This is what I was looking for. I chose the S20+ but was wondering if i made a bad choice for not taking the ultra. But now I see it's mostly for the camera, which I don't entirely care about

  7. What a brilliant review. You speak superbly, clearly and present all the similarities & differences well. Awesome. Looks like S20 is enough for most consumers. Would you kindly do a similar comparison between S10 Plus and S20? That would be interesting.

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