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Samsung Galaxy S20 – Will be EPIC!

Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus Official Leaks & Rumors covering the new design, build, punch-hole, 3D Sonic Max in-display fingerprint sensor, release date, performance, cameras, battery and price.
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46 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 – Will be EPIC!

  1. I have a Pixel 2XL and plan to replace by March. Had been leaning toward the iPhone 11pro max until I saw your video on the Samsung S11. I’ll definitely be waiting for it’s release to see what it actually has before purchasing a new phone!

  2. Good info!! I have just received free Samsung Galaxy S9 phone cuz I signed up for a giveaway last week! I'm sooo happy, really can't believe it. Give it a shot – simply search Samsung Giveaway Monster on Google & sign up free of charge!

  3. I'm 16 and use a non samsung Android phone (Nokia 3.1) that's a couple years old. I got the Galaxy buds and they are wonderful. Time for me to get a job and save my money for the s11+ (s20+)

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