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Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4 | Show Time!

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Silver 46mm

Rose Gold 42mm

Midnight Black 42mm

RINGKE Bezel Styling Ring

Apple Watch Series 4 Space Grey

Apple Watch 44mm Bands

36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4 | Show Time!

  1. As a samsung phone owner, i had to buy the GS…for me its just an accessory, and an accessory has to be good looking. GW looks like a real watch while AW looks like a toy…plus its too feminine. I m wearing the watch only for the sake of it, anytime i need to change something on it, doing it on the phone…

  2. I own the Galaxy Watch and while I dont agree with everything you said and My experience with this watch is way better than your experience (Especially concerning BT connectivity), I appreciate that you didnt push one watch over the other. Very fair review.

  3. i have fairly big hands (not huge hands but fairly big
    and when i tried the apple watch series 4 in a store near me the little wheel on the side felt almost as infuriating as one of those little wheels on analog watches

  4. He forgot that Apple watch cant pair with any Android whilst Samsungs can with all phones with Bluetooth and availability to download the Apps needed

  5. I'm ma be real I own an gear s3 watch but I'll choose the apple watch because they tell you about your health I dont own one but if I ever go to apple which is never or anytime soon I'll get me an apple watch

  6. What I dont get is why the iPhone watch has a android home button on the crown muti function aka home button yet android watches dont smh kudos for android for not being stupid

  7. I use Iphone and Macbook Pro, tried wearing borrowed Apple Watch for almost a month, developed an app for it too, but still can't get over the fact about its poor battery life. I exercise almost daily before work, having to charge the battery every night is a complete deal-breaker for me, not just for Apple Watch, but for any smartwatch, and too bad Apple won't let me pair any Samsung Galaxy Watch with it, so I have to contend with a Casio PRG-270 on my left wrist, and Mi Band 4 on the right

  8. This is not a good comparison at all. He’s just talking about the disadvantages of the Galaxy Watch NOT the advantages. With the Apple Watch, he was only talking about the advantages NOT the disadvantages. HE IS A HATER. Not a fair review

    I think it’s ridiculous that Apple Watch doesn’t allow Android Compatibility. Sorry. I know I am a hater of IOS

  9. I have the galaxy watch. Straps are great, super quick and snappy, fitness modes are outstanding, switching music with it is easy, loads of watch faces, never had a bad connection and I dont think companion apps are that bad. Bixby does really suck. Never records my words properly. Phone call over the watch is crystal clear. It's pointless replying to a text on the watch because it's time consuming and its just quicker to use your phone. Always shows me my texts and useful for stopping alarms. It's pretty good. I heard Bixby is getting removed soon

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