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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip & Galaxy S20 Hands On!

Samsung today announced a new slate of 2020 smartphones, debuting a range of devices that include the S20 5G, the S20+ 5G, the S20 Ultra 5G, and the most novel, the foldable Galaxy Z Flip.

I was in attendance at Samsung’s Unpacked event in San Francisco, and was able to spend some hands-on time with the new smartphones. Check out this video for some close-up details and opinions on Samsung’s new lineup, which competes both with Apple’s current lineup and its upcoming 2020 smartphones,…

36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip & Galaxy S20 Hands On!

  1. @11:50 no there's more. You can do a video call now with your phone sitting on your desk and with the centered camera this is going to feel more natural.

    Composing notes, especially by swiping will have a nice feel to it.

    @5:20 A simple software update can easily address this.

  2. Finally someone said it, you can barely see the difference between FHD and QHD anyways. Here and there you can see it if you look for it but you won't notice a difference at all if you're not looking for it.

  3. What's the point in the flip? There is no real gained function when closed with the exception of the form factor becoming smaller. I wish there was a form of display on the rear so when the device is in clamshell mode it can still be interacted with. Maybe I'm missing something here, but why introduce a new step of flipping to interact?

  4. For the compactness I can actually see myself wanting a phone like the Z Flip in a few years, just make it thinner when folded and bring down the price to an S20 or 11 non-Pro. I know that will take a while.

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