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Samsung Gear Sport review: stylish, sleek, seriously waterproof smartwatch

We thoroughly tested the Samsung Gear Sport through rain and heat to arrive at a simple conclusion: it is a smartwatch worthy of attention. Though it isn’t quite perfect. Here is our Samsung Gear Sport review based on a 2-week experience with Samsung’s latest Tizen smartwatch.

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33 thoughts on “Samsung Gear Sport review: stylish, sleek, seriously waterproof smartwatch

  1. Hated this video. Looking for a review and of course " he says this watch does not look good on women?" Great. Because the watched looked so great on his ugly hairy wrists major eyeroll

  2. This watch is absolute junk when it comes to sports tracking. The HRM is useless and you cannot pair it with an ant+ sensor. The GPS can sometimes drop out and take a long time to get an initial lock. It is a smart watch dressed up as a sports watch, avoid if you are serious about sports.

  3. your bias affects your review. … I can tell you're not a fan of Samsung. … the point of a review is to let viewers know what the features are. … reminds me of why I stopped watching phone arena reviews so thank you, I guess…

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