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Should you buy the Nike+ or standard Apple Watch Series 4?

The Nike + and the standard aluminum Apple Watch Series 4 have basically identical features and internals, but there are a few things that are actually quite a bit different.

We’ll show you every single thing that’s different so you can make your purchasing decision today!

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Standard Series 4➡

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48 thoughts on “Should you buy the Nike+ or standard Apple Watch Series 4?

  1. You missed a HUGE difference between the Nike and regular models. The Nike+ models all have an extra coating around the outside for better protection against sweat and etc. because the Nike + edition is meant to take more of beating for fitness goers. I think every single YouTuber misses this.

  2. Hey everyone I’m thinking of getting Apple Watch 4. Which would you recommend the aluminium or stainless steel. Too bad my carrier Three UK doesn’t have support for it so I’m forced to use EE if I got one. £44 contract 24 months. A bit pricey but if I was with EE would come cheaper but they don’t have unlimited internet for iPhone.

  3. “Nike+iPod es una sociedad entre dos marcas globales, íconos que comparten la pasión por crear productos de consumo llenos de experiencia basados en diseño e innovación,” dijo Parker. “Esto es el primer resultado, Nike+iPod cambiará la manera de correr de la gente. Nike+iPod ha creado una mejor experiencia para los corredores. Veremos mucho más innovaciones de Nike+iPod en el futuro.”

  4. Nike y Apple anunciaron hoy una alianza que unirá como nunca antes a los mundos de la música y el deporte con el lanzamiento de innovadores productos Nike+iPod. El primer producto desarrollado a través de esta alianza es el Nike+iPod Sport Kit, un sistema inalámbrico que permite a los zapatos deportivos Nike+ comunicarse con el iPod nano para conectar al usuario a la más vanguardista experiencia de entrenamiento en pista o gimnasio.

  5. Just a question, i know that you can pair more than 1 watch with 1 iphone, but are you able to use one for notofications and have the second one as an offline fitness tracker not having it syncing at all (as i want my girlfriend who doesnt have an iphone to use the one just for fitness tracking)

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