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Should you buy the standard Apple Watch Series 3 or the Nike + model?

Appleinsider takes a look at everything that’s different between the standard Apple Watch Series 3 and the Nike plus version of the Series 3.

46 thoughts on “Should you buy the standard Apple Watch Series 3 or the Nike + model?

  1. Summary

    No – Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 models feature include a Nike Band, exclusive Nike watch faces (along with the standard Apple Watch watch faces) and closer integration with the Nike+ Run Club app. The Nike watch faces include a permanent complication / shortcut for launching the app.

    Otherwise, the models have the same internal hardware features as the comparable model (case material and GPS or GPS + Cellular version) and the same standard features of watchOS. The Nike+ Run Club app can also be installed on other Apple Watch models.

    Note that Nike+ models are only available in aluminium case versions, with Ion-X glass. Other Series 3 models offer the option of a stainless steel case and sapphire crystal (or ceramic case, for Apple Watch Edition).

  2. so you get all the standard watch faces of standard AW plus the exclusive Nike watch faces? if this is true, all should be buying Nike+ models. Or there is a tradeoff?

  3. Disappointed that you need to have your phone with you while using my coach. The main point of getting this watch was to leave my phone at home on my runs. A Garmin 235 has all the nice run features for alot less money. Plus my Bluetooth headphones won’t pair with it.-

  4. Really? Is this worth a video???
    If you like Nike, buy the Nike+. If you don‘t care, don‘t buy it.
    it‘s the same fckin watch except for the band and the watch faces… wow… people tend to get more dumb und less independent every year.

  5. There’s three big things wrong with this video…

    1. You’re wearing an Adidas shirt while talking about the Nike+ Watch
    2. You sound like a robot
    3. I feel like you’re staring directly at me

  6. Hi! I wanted to know if the Apple watch Nike 3 series works as the apple watch 3 series ? The difference is that this one has Nike and everything else as the 3 series watch? I mean its the same as the apple series 3 watch Plus nike or how ? I'm confused

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