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Sony Camera DSC-N1 / DSC-N2 Lens removal

This is a video showing how simple to remove the Lens from this camera. I needed to do this because the gears were stripped and it needed to be replaced.

15 thoughts on “Sony Camera DSC-N1 / DSC-N2 Lens removal

  1. somebody pls help me !!! i have this cam and it let me see the pics but dont let me shoot , i turn on the power and say turn off and on again but that dont work , i tried puting out the batery several times , and i tried the tutorial at the sony site but anything works so i will pareciate too much if somebody can help me , thanks

  2. My camera drop and the lens got stuck! how the lens can be unstuck? banging the camera pretty forcefully to get the lens unstuck?
    now with this issue i hate optical zoom on digital cameras! ;(

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