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Literally a repair, without purchasing any spare parts. If you accidentally broke your Cyber-shot lens then here’s how to fix it.

All you need is patience, a small screwdriver and Superglue. It’s a big help if you take photos as you proceed; even better to video it, especially when you dismantle the lens system. Cursory examination of the parts may not reveal which parts go where, as I found out, you may need some vital clues.

In retrospect, you may not need to open up the centre piece with…


  1. j'ai un pentax optio LS 1100 qui n'est plus sous garantie et depuis quelques jours l’écran a un fond vert et toutes les photos sont vertes même en les important sur un ordinateur. D ’ où cela peut il provenir?Est il réparable ,et combien cela peut il coûter…?Merci pour vos réponses…!!

  2. Thanks for the video, I´ve managed to fix my W560, the lens was not fully closing, so I dissasembled/reassembled it following your instructions and now it works like a charm!!!

  3. Hey bro I need some help! Can you fix my Sony DSC-W730. It only appears on taking pictures. When I take pictures, glitchy came out. Please I need your help! Reply As soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

  4. amazing how you can take apart the camera and put hem back in on epiece. If I do that I cant remember what bits go where…etc. I have a Sony DSC-TX100V, it wont power up, power light and sound come on and goes off after that, dark LCD, and dead! You know whats wrong? Battery is fully charged.

  5. tenho uma camera da samsung zoom lens 16.1 mp so que travou a abertura ai fui abrir pra conserar acabei rancando a cordinha da lente que liga no motor eu acho ai a camera não abre e a tela esta toda branca

  6. Hello, I am Tomi from Croatia, i was reading those coments and one guy said that it has to vacum the lens in order to repair the constant open-close loops on camera and he was right i vacumed it firstly with medium vacum force while coninuously pressing on/off button, lots of tiny peaces of dust, even peaces leafs came out, and then it worked, anyway i think its only temporary solution as for complete clean you need to dissassembly the camera completely….

    vacum cleaner is the camera saviour and in the future keep your camera in a box or small camera bag…
    my camera was sony cybershot W530…

  7. Hi, I was trying to repair the zoom of a WX10 but I regret when I saw the lens is complicated, so I went back to arm the camera. before disassembling, the camera worked ok for photos without zoom. Now I have a problem. when I turn on the camera, the lens exits normally. I can take video, but I can not take pictures, and when I'm pointing the camera and have it in automatic mode. It makes a noise when changing scenes between macro and normal. and the shutter does not close, the strange thing is that I did not disassembled the lens, it is well connected and wires are not damaged. What could it be? Thank's.

  8. Can anyone plz help me……my sony optical steady shot DSC-W730
    ….that video Recording feature is not working….. it writing only E:62:10 and
    below it Standby…..whenever i clicked on Record button nothing to

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