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The BEST Wallpaper Apps for iPhone! (2020)

The BEST Wallpaper Apps for iPhone 11 (2020) | Best iPhone Wallpaper Apps & Sites

If you need to spice your iPhone up, there’s no better way than with some awesome lock screen & home screen wallpapers! In this video, we run through 5+ of the best iPhone wallpaper apps here in 2020.


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36 thoughts on “The BEST Wallpaper Apps for iPhone! (2020)

  1. What your saying is like wallpaper apps are unique. Like all Youtubers can put a “IOS Update” video but you and lets say another person, say the same things but in there own way?…. I don’t know I just thought if it

  2. @Brandon Butch
    can i ask you where do u find the wallpaper on the left ( the blue with red line ) , i cannot find it , please do help me, thank you

  3. Vsco & wehearit has some great wallpapers! I like a lot of photography/edited pictures. I can’t stand the generic wallpapers. These are a great list! Will definitely check it out!

  4. Thanks for the wallpaper video it was so very helpful….. I got the paid version of Vellum and it's amazing. ….. I also subscribed to your channel now!!!!!!

  5. you have got to be kidding me???. check out the homescreens i have on my $200 phone by searching klwp in youtube. i'm not saying you switch or start making educated purchases, that would hurt my profits, but i just couldn't help making fun of you people. the best part is joe you think this thing is so great!!!

  6. I love you Apple people. Pay up to 4 times more for vastly inferior products from a company that has admitted it rips off it's customers(slowing down phones, not fixing minor problems…) Thanks sheep. YOU ARE MAKING ME RICH!!!???

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