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The Galaxy S20 Camera's AUTO-FOCUS Update Is Here! (Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra)

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we take a look at the much needed update for the Galaxy S20 Series. The Camera’s Auto Focus update. World of Difference. FINALLY.

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34 thoughts on “The Galaxy S20 Camera's AUTO-FOCUS Update Is Here! (Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra)

  1. 4k60 video still jumps on focus. Dynamic range and shadows are still crushed. Also it struggles to focus on lowlight and indoor shots. The natural bokeh is too aggresive making it hard to scan documents. It literally blurs everything that's out of focus. They need a major update on this camera. Its unacceptable for $1400. I kinda regretted trading in my S10+.

  2. Sloppy. I applaud Samsung for pushing the envelope when it comes to manufacturing and half baked tech, but this camera isn’t a leap above the last. For $1400, i expected more

  3. Why it took so long for this update to come out, and why a $1400 device didn't work right from the beginning is a real shame.
    I had to manually install the update since auto-install would never work for me;
    The camera is much better when foreground items are clearly discernible, but it still has real trouble focusing on items with multiple items – such as a flower or fruit tree. It didn't seem to let me select and area to focus either, however it was so much better than before the update.
    I came from the OnePlus 7 Pro that had unbelievable focus.

  4. My s20 plus takes horrible pictures of people. Much worse than my s9 plus did. Pictures are grainy and often not in focus. I hear that there have been updates, but nothing in Canada as of March 29th. Going to return this if nothing is fixed. No I don't have beauty node on. Video is actually not bad, but most pictures of people look like from a cheap Walmart webcam.

  5. For all Android fans you must download an app called good lock!you can customize your phone with unlimited possibilities,such as scrolling back while texting just as mentioned in the video,take a screen shot and so many more using one hand gesture.once you download the app look for one hand operation option and drop a like for hooking yall up ✌

  6. Please do an S20 Ultra camera update test, as the Ultra model experiences the most severe auto focusing issues. The other S20s have dual pixel auto focus, so they weren't bad to begin with.

  7. Hi!

    In my experience, I didn't have any auto focus issues since the day I purchased my S20 Ultra, and it may be because of the way I was using it. I take photos of my scale models with a 4.0x zoom, and it's clear as crystal, but since the latest software update, every time I attempt to take pictures of the same subjects, with the same lighting and with same camera settings (PHOTO, 4.0x zoom), it is unable to focus anymore, and my photos look like ones taken by a digicam from a decade ago!

    Is anyone else experiencing something similar after the software update? Do I have any options to " fix " this?

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